Golf enthusiasts can now have complete peace of mind while they play and practice with holistic golf insurance coverage that protects them within the boundaries of any golf club or golf course in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. This joined initiative brings together a collaboration of MGA, its member clubs, Strategic Alliance partners, media and key industry partners. The policy moneys as well as your other assets will be distributed in accordance with applicable distribution laws. For a golf insurance claim, you will need to submit your claim within 30 days of the loss. PIAM APPROVED REPAIRERS ACROSS MALAYSIA. The policy jacket coverage is as below. How will the policy moneys be distributed? Our Golfer Insurance is guaranteed to provide protection from any untoward incidents on the green. You can expect this exercise to be very normal as long as you are willing to pay the asking price. Easi-Golf covers against a wayward golf ball causing damage or injuries. Play safe with Easi-Golf. 29 were here. You can nominate any individual(s) you want. Golfing Equipment and Personal Effects. Here, your nominee will only receive the policy moneys as executor and distribute the policy moneys in accordance with your Will or where there is no Will, in accordance with applicable distribution laws. Pays up to RM200,000. We know how expensive golf clubs and equipment can be and how attached you get to that lucky hybrid you always hit so well. The Pacific Insurance Berhad had its roots going back to the 1950s when it was the Malayan business arm of The Netherlands Insurance Company. Complete and return the original PA Insurance Nomination Form to MSIG for our further action  – you may wish to refer to the sample completed form for reference. We will review your application and shall contact you if you are shortlisted for an interview. FIND. Depending on your marital status and who you nominate, nominations may produce unexpected results for the nominee(s). MSIG Golfer’s Insurance is a must for golfers. FOR THE PROTECTION OF YOUR ACTIVE LIFESTYLE. (The cost of the Golf Bag with the various clubs is RM3,500. For West Malaysia and Sarawak, the Distribution Act 1958 applies, where the policy moneys and assets will be divided between your surviving spouse, children and parent(s) in certain proportions. PIAM APPROVED REPAIRERS. Hence, big car owners have to pay more for the privilege of driving more polluting cars. We even brought our own golf equipment from Penang. Leading premium credit cards for the VIP, instant access to airport lounge privileges, golf benefits, luxury resorts and … In brief, if you nominate people other than your spouse, children or parents, make sure to assign the policy benefits to them to ensure that they receive the policy moneys for their own use. ACPG Management Sdn Bhd (ACPG) in Insurance Industry since Year 1989. Yes, you can revoke the nomination under your trust policy but under the law you must obtain the written consent of the trustee before the revocation can be valid. Please be informed that a 6% Service Tax will be charged with effect from 1st September 2018 for all taxable general insurance policies with period of insurance commencing on or after 1st September 2018 or policies spanning across 1st September 2018 (pro-rated charge). To ensure that your nominee(s) receive the policy moneys as intended, you need to ensure that a trust policy is created in favour of your nominee(s). What about the shoes, the balls and the gloves? Malaysian Golf Association. The total cost for the loss is definitely much higher, and may even exceed RM5,000 depending on the brands of the golfing equipment). Get immediate cover so you can hit the fairway with confidence and peace of mind. The Additional Named Driver add-on allows the inclusion of up to four more drivers for RM10 per person. request a call back. What to do. Allianz offers a wide range of insurance products in Malaysia. View list of our golf insurance products. MSIG Golfer’s Insurance is a must for golfers. Golf Insurance. Our dedicated Customer Service Officers and staff will be happy to assist with your queries. If you have a claim for: A loss due to theft, burglary or robbery, report it to the golf club and police within 24 hours. Protection against third party legal liability claims up to HK$3,000,000 Protection for damage to golf clubs, and loss of golf bags, trolleys or personal effects up to HK$25,000 Maximum personal accident protection coverage up to HK$300,000 Hole-in-one celebration benefits up to HK$15,000. 1. It only takes an unexpected gust of wind or a nasty hook or slice to send the ball the wrong way. Liability to the public. The three-year free maintenance programme on Volkswagen cars will help provide peace of mind to owners as the cost of caring for their cars will be taken up by Volkswagen. Inform the Golf Club in the event of any occurrence which may give rise to a claim under your policy. Full Plan. Hundreds of positive golf insurance reviews show how happy our customers are with the protection we provide on the golf course. Golf Insurance Claim Procedure. Hence, if you wish to revoke the nomination, you may download the Consent Form provided by us through the link below for completion. For Sabah, policy moneys and assets will be distributed in accordance with the Intestate Succession Ordinance 1960. MSIG Insurance (Malaysia) Bhd (46983-W) is a company licensed under the Financial Services Act 2013 and regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia. ACPG is one of the largest provide foreign workers insurance in … 8. The Distribution Act 1958 is however not applicable to Muslims in West Malaysia and natives in Sarawak. Golf Insurance Covered on the course. - Search, Compare, Buy Cheap And Best Insurance Malaysia … Birdie Plus; MORE THAN500. *The FAQs are provided for general information only. As a member of my golf kaki, you are automatically covered under the NTUC Income’s Golfers Insurance Policy. It is easy to make a nomination. We offer products ranging from life insurance plans, health plans, saving plans, investment-linked plans, retirement plans and legacy plans that could give suit your insurance … (Refer to explanation in question 3 above). Loss or damage is covered only if it occurs at any golf course or driving range. You can download the PA Insurance Nomination Form provided in this website or you may contact us and request for a copy. You are advised to take up a personal travel insurance for peace of mind. 5: If I lost or damaged my golf club at the hotel, is it covered under this policy? In Malaysia, buying a golf membership is not unusual. *If there is no lawful executor or administrator, then the policy moneys will be paid out to the rightful persons in accordance with applicable distribution laws. Golfer’s Insurance (Full Plan) Your Golfer’s Insurance Policy (Full Plan) covers you worldwide but excluding USA and Canada in respect of loss of or damage occurring whilst you are playing or practicing at any recognized golf club or golf course. After the submission of the completed Consent Form and new Nomination Form to us, we will pass an endorsement for a change of nominee to your trust policy. Likewise, nominations by a Muslim policy owner and non-Muslim policy owner will have different consequences. What if the ball hits a person? Have you as a golfer ever wondered about the dire consequences of a misdirected golf ball injuring someone or nearby property? All Rights Reserved. Colour photographs of damaged item(s) Original Repair / Replacement receipts; Copy of original Purchase Invoices / Receipts for the lost or damaged property (if not available, provide full description of the items including make, model, age and condition, and purchase date and price) Get quotes and renew your motor insurance instantly via MyEG portal now! Does it cover me when I play golf in Bintan or Malaysia? In effect, a maximum of RM40 will allow six different drivers to be named and covered for the 12-month duration of the insurance policy. It pays for loss or damage of golfing equipments and protects you with a personal accident cover, legal liability to third parties for bodily injury or damage to property, plus of course, a hole-in-one award. Keep a copy of the police report. Third Party Cover. You are about to be redirected away from this site. Mr Lee was liable for the damage and fortunately his insurance covered the cost of RM1,500 to replace the windscreen. I have read, understood and agree to the Allianz Malaysia Privacy Policy. 4. It can also be extended to cover your family … (a)   if the nominee is your spouse or child; or. With an extensive network of 20 branches in Malaysia and thousands of agents, the company has turned into one of the most popular insurance providers in the country. For detailed provisions on nomination, please refer to Schedule 10 of Financial Services Act 2013. Nomination is important to ensure that your loved ones get the protection that you intended. Life insurance, medical cards, critical illness, car, personal accident, travel insurance and more! Golf Master is created to provide total peace of mind while you play and indulge. 2. Malaysia golf courses and resorts can be found high in the mountains, along the seashore, on tropical islands, amidst towering rain forests and in the heart of the cities, making a Malaysia Golf Holiday great for the family, golfing friends or group. Nominations made by a non-Muslim policy owner will create either (i) a trust policy in favour of the nominee(s) or (ii) a non-trust policy. Pays up to RM10,000. Please contact MSIG if you require more information on this. ACPG Management Sdn Bhd (ACPG) is one the largest insurance service provider in malaysia. We are in the midst of updating our brochures and product materials to reflect the Service Tax. One thing for sure, the buying price will be lower than its original, usually about 30-40% lower. In our current roadtax calculation, assumption is taken that bigger engines/displacement emits more pollution. 6. One of the largest and most popular motor insurance companies in Malaysia, the company has over 150,000 staff active in 70 countries. Contact Us For More Info Accidental Damage to Buggy Call agent +6012 477 ... Get the best cashback credit cards in Malaysia for instant savings. Pays up to RM2,000,000 for one accident or a series of accidents constituting one occurrence. MSIG Insurance Malaysia is part of MS&D Insurance Group which is a subsidiary of the world-renowned Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group of Japan. This golf insurance covers you against accidents on any golf courses and your equipment against losses or damages due to fire or theft. Each private car insurance policy in Malaysia allows up to two drivers to be included for free. QUOTE NOW. MGA Golfer's Insurance is available to the Malaysian Golf Association's (MGA) members who subscribe to GoGolf. FIND. The 5 types of coverage are outlined under Section 1 … Personal Accident coverage (up to RM 25,000), Losses and damages to golf clubs, equipment and personal belongings due to fire and theft. Malaysia Golf Courses - With over 200 great golf courses throughout the country, you can't go wrong when choosing your Malaysia golf destination. The company has been active in the country since 2001 and is a part of Allianz Malaysia Berhad. Avail of a Maximum 65% No Claims Discount when you've 6 years or more Claims free driving, we will also fully protect that bonus free of charge. 6 Our policy offers great value cover to golfers on and off the course, at home and abroad. In such as case, you are creating a non-trust policy. Golfers' Insurance Malaysia Worldwide covers Cash Reward Hole-In-One, Personal Accident, Public Liability, Golf equipments Call Now +6012 477 A third-party cover is usually the cheapest among the three offered car insurance covers, and the most basic form of car insurance you can have in Malaysia. We provide full coverage for loss and damage to golf clubs and equipment, accidental loss of life and limb, plus medical expenses due to accidents, and caddie's medical expenses, Family Personal Accident Insurance and Golf Cart Coverage. Key Benefits. I did not make any nomination and Will. This includes all litigation costs and expenses. HOWEVER, not all nominees will receive the policy moneys beneficially or for their own use. Coverage: © Allianz Malaysia Berhad (12428-W) 2021. Yes, our Golfer's Insurance covers you whilst you are playing or practising golf on any golf course or driving range anywhere in the world. Copyright © 2021 MSIG Insurance (Malaysia) Bhd (46983-W), MSIG Guide to Motor Insurance Liberalisation, Specimen Personal Accident Insurance Nomination Form.pdf, Personal Accident Insurance Nomination Form.pdf, Consent Form for Revocation of Nomination. Liability: Mr Lee tees-off and the ball hits the windscreen of a parked vehicle in the vicinity belonging to Mr Seah. GUI and ILGU members can enjoy some incredible exclusive benefits ideal for any level of golfer when they choose AIG Insurance. ACPG Management Sdn Bhd have more than 23 years insurance services experience and one of the largest provide insurance solution in malaysia. Can I being the insured revoke the nomination made earlier in my trust policy? The price increase is because Malaysia uses an outdated tax system. To download a copy of the Personal Accident Insurance Nomination Form, please click on the link below. The materials will be ready in due course. Nominee(s) irrespective of the relationship with the policy owner can only receive the policy moneys as executor and the policy moneys must be distributed in accordance with Islamic laws. To assist you in understanding ‘Nomination’, we have come up with simple FAQs below. Golf Master is created to provide total peace of mind while you play and indulge. What if I nominate someone else as my nominee(s)? It pays for loss or damage of golfing equipments and protects you with a personal accident cover, legal liability to third parties for bodily injury or damage to property, plus of course, a hole-in-one award. Easi-Golf. Nomination is important to ensure that your loved ones will receive the protection as intended by you and that policy moneys may be paid out by insurers without any delay. Golf Insurance designed with golfers in mind. At the occurrence of the incident, contact your agent, broker or MSIG at +65 6827 7660. Compare and apply online from the best insurers in Malaysia, for the best plans for your needs, including windscreen protection, flood coverage, and free cover for additional drivers. Please make sure that the form is duly signed and witnessed by someone who is 18 years old and above, of sound mind and not a named nominee, failing which the nomination may be deemed invalid. Where no nomination is made, the policy moneys will be paid out to your lawful executor (if you have made a Will) or your lawful administrator (if no Will has been made) – this process will take a while. Collect Information. Our Top Benefits. You are obligated to pay any applicable taxes (which include but not limited to service tax and stamp duty) imposed by the Malaysian tax authorities in relation to this Policy. Your policy will include Personal Liability, Equipment Protection, Personal Accident and Hole-in-One Indemnity as standard. Pays up to RM1,000. PANEL HOSPITAL. Please be reminded that this policy is not a travel insurance and may not cover damaged or lost claims during transit. Personal Accident. Why do people choose us? All rights Reserved, Special Occupation Group Personal Accident, Professional Indemnity Excess Layer for Lawyers, Comprehensive General Liability Insurance, Information Regarding Service Tax (ST) 2018, Life Insurance Association of Malaysia Guides, Golf Master Proposal Form - English version, Golf Master Product Disclosure Sheet - English Version, Golf Master Product Disclosure Sheet - BM Version. My golf buddies and I were really looking forward to playing golf in Thailand after attending a business conference there. If you intend for these nominee(s) to receive the policy moneys beneficially and not as executor, you will need to assign the policy benefits to them. No 14, Jalan 4/76C, Desa Pandan 55100 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Tel: 603-92837300 Fax: 603-92829300 Email: This golf insurance covers you against accidents on any golf courses and your equipment against losses or damages due to fire or theft. Golf Insurance equipment theft, loss & damage to personal effects,bags, personal accident & liability.Hole-in-one cash. All Volkswagen cars registered from the 1 st of January 2018 are eligible, regardless of model. Notify Relevant Parties. Golf Insurance (a) Loss or Damage to Golf Equipment Per 2Individual Per Family (Maximum limit for golf bag is RM500) (Maximum limit for golf club is RM 800) Deductible of RM100 for loss or damage to golf equipment claim (b) Golfer’s Personal Liability Per Individual/Per Family (c) Hole-in-one Expenses Per Individual Per Family 2, 0 6,000 Damaged items, an on-site survey may be required. Allianz General Insurance Company Berhad. (b)  if the nominee is your parent (provided that there is no living spouse or child at the time you make the nomination). ... Sports Insurance. Thank you for your interest in MSIG and for sending us your application. So you can imagine my disappointment when I lost my clubs, shoes, gloves at the golf course after all that effort. Golf seems like a perfectly relaxing pastime, but accidents can happen out there on the course. GoGolf is a new project by MGA aimed at growing interest and awareness for the game. Golfasian has teamed up with … Deductible • €50 each and every loss of golf equipment Principal inclusions • Golf buggies – damage to single -seater ride on golf buggies €4,000 with option of including Road Traffic Act cover on request • Loss of car keys on golf club premises – nil deductible • Mobile phones on golf club premises - … Personal Insurance. Public liability; ... (Malaysia) Berhad (93745-A) | Great Eastern General Insurance ... Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd | Great Eastern General Insurance Ltd Location (Peninsular Malaysia or West Malaysia or Labuan/Langkawi/Pangkor): No, loss or damage at hotel is not covered. It can also be extended to cover your family against personal accident. WHY CHOOSE PACIFIC INSURANCE? is an Online Platform for user to Search, Compare multiple Insurance Plan in the market and Buy online. There are three types of motor insurance available in the Malaysian market, each unique in its purpose to cover you and/or your vehicle. A serious golfer like yourself deserve total peace of mind while you play and indulge. Have you thought about golf travel insurance for your trip?
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