The 2019 Trout Stocking Schedule is online. If you are interested in helping with trout stocking, search for your county from the drop-down list on the schedule. This mostly spring-fed cold-water creek flows right past HSA and through the entire Hellertown area. Accommodations: Lehigh Valley Visitors Bureau (800-747-0561). Located near the town of Crooked Creek, a 2.5-mile section of stream extending from Hills Creek Road (SR-4039) downstream to Ives Run Lane will be added to the adult trout stocking program. However, with its usual thin water, the Saucon’s trout have a certain advantage over you. The creek despite my lack of skill and ability would yield dozens of wild brown trout a day as the bugs hatched and fish ate. Zoom into the area of interest for more information including fishing access, boat ramps, canoe launches, and marinas. You are trying to access a feature that requires a Fishidy account. Depending on water flow, the width of this second section has been measured between 51 and 57 feet. A portion of Saucon Creek is under a very unusual set of special regulations known as the “Selective Harvest Program.”. There is ample parking at a municipal park off High Street. The Nine Mile Creek Conservation Council enlisted volunteers to help stock miles of the creek with trout for the fishing season. Illicks Mill Dam downstream to the Lehigh River is stocked both preseason and inseason (spring). Saucon Creek is a limestoner of moderate width (40 to 45 feet in the areas surveyed). Where the PFBC team studied another 330-yard stretch in Saucon Park, they found 529 trout. Seasons: The season is the general … Saucon is actually a two-in-one stream with the upper portion in beautiful Bingen still stocked with trout. Another fly is the same style pattern but it is made with pale red fox fur. The springs get very cold, but they just do not freeze. Only this; on one occasion I arrived at the foot bridge and looking down into the water I beheld a good number of brown trout of size. Fly fishing is for SVCC members and their families only. 13 catches; 172 followers; 3 spots; Northampton County from 0.38 miles upstream High Street Bridge in Hellertown downstream to the SR 412 Bridge in Bethlehem City Limits. Brown trout. Rainbow Trout with a White Rooster Tail, 12 in. For Direct Link to Pa Fish & Boat Commission website . But just as importantly, the current biomass per acre in the first zone is 191 pounds, 2½ times that of ’93’s measure. One stream that stands tall among the tallest for trout anglers is Saucon Creek in Northampton County. Of that number, 388 were between 7 and 11 inches while another 40 were between 12 and 15 inches. When Trout are generally first stocked each year in about April, although the stream is … REMINDER – Mandatory Cold Weather Life Jacket Wear November 1, 2018 and runs through April 30, 2019. The daily creel limit is two trout (combined species) except for the period from the day after Labor Day to 8 a.m. of the first Saturday … Section of stream under special regulations. Your email address will not be published. The northeast end of the lake near the dam has cliffs, drop-offs of over 80 feet, and structure such as road beds... Lehigh County from 90 ft upstream Bogart's Bridge downstream it its confluence with the Lehigh River, this area is stocked both preseason and inseason (spring and fall). There are only five streams across the entire state governed by these rules. Everything lies just to the west of Route 412. opposing the stocking and regulation changes on Saucon Creek. When the stream was studied in 1993, PFBC biologists found a brown trout biomass of 75.5 pounds per acre in one section of the non-stocked stretch. o Second = Brumbaugh o The motion passed. Another 27 were between 12 and 15 inches. 19 in. The section goes from the upstream boundary of the Bethlehem city property downstream to the Route 412 bridge. Smallmouth Bass with a White Rooster Tail, 20 in. Doing this you avoid the busy Hellertown roads. Fly Fishing A great attribute of the Saucon Valley Country Club property is several miles of Saucon Creek and its population of native and stocked trout. Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout will be stocked during the preseason and in-season stocking periods. In western Riverside County, Lake Skinner has also been removed from the trout stocking schedule because its trout could theoretically reach the Santa Margarita River, which was … Trout stocking list. Located south of Bethlehem in a burgeoning area of the Lehigh Valley, Saucon has actually managed to improve over the last six or seven years. Brown Trout with a White Rooster Tail. Info: PFBC Region 6 office in Revere (610-847-8424). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. CLICK HERE. Both banks are uniformly flat and brushy but with its adequate width, the Saucon is not one of those cotton candy streams where every backcast gets stuck in the trees behind you. Section of stream under special regulations. That figure won’t mean anything to you until you hear what the current biomass numbers are. One spot is near the iron bridge at SR 3004, at the bottom of Hickory Hill Road. The hallmark of the selective harvest rules is that fishing is open year-round, no bait can be used but both hardware and flies are permitted. Learn more here. © 2021 Fishidy. There are wild trout all the way from White Haven down to the Delaware River which is over 50 miles fantastic trout water. You can use the search and filter functions to search the stocking schedule for specific locations and dates. Weight the flies internally, or add some split shot to the leader. Minimum size – 14 inches, caught on, or in possession on, the waters under these regulations from 8 a.m. on the opening day of the regular trout season through Labor Day. Saucon is actually a two-in-one stream with the upper portion in beautiful Bingen still stocked with trout. The Saucon Creek is a 17 mile long tributary of the Lehigh River. In 1975, Cooks Creek was classified as a "warm water fishery" suitable for trout stocking. This pattern resembles a cranefly larva, which are prevalent in the Saucon. Established in 1997, the Stony Creek Anglers is an environmental group dedicated to the preservation of the Stony Creek and the children of the area. The CCWA recognized that the water quality was much higher than warm water fishery since Cooks Creek supported reproducing populations of brown and brook trout, had abundant macro invertebrates and had many other small fishes. Section 5 continues to offer anglers opportunity for a very fine fishing experience. Weekly trout stocking schedule Each year, ODFW stocks millions of trouts in dozens of reservoirs, lakes and ponds throughout the state. After ODFW recently stopped stocking programs on nearby Salt and Hills creeks and the Middle Fork above Hills Creek Reservoir, Salmon Creek is the only stocked trout stream in the immediate Oakridge area. DATES AND TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE !! I get to fish the Saucon quite often and I think I’ve learned a little of what the trout like at this time of year. The Saucon Creek was stocked, and the Martins Creek and Jacoby Creek will be the last 2 streams in the county to be stocked, but will be ready to go for Regional Opening Day of Trout Season. The stream was studied within two sections of the selective harvest area. An email address is required to associate with your Fishidy premium subscription. As far as the size requirements for brown trout versus other salmonids, these are indeed very strange regs. The Lehigh boasts a very good population of wild brown trout and is supplemented with stockings throughout the river by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, Lehigh River Stocking Association and the 5 Mile HIgh Club. The team also found three trout between 17 and 19 inches. FISHING CREEK. Cold limestone springs feed many areas of the creek and the water stays cold throughout the summer. In the Allentown Park System. The main thing is they can see you coming, particularly when you have to fish downstream as is common in winter when there are no hatches. There may be some pools and eddies that have skim ice around the edges, but generally you can break through these waffle-thin obstructions with no problem. Open to fishing year-round. Of that number 381 were between 7 and 11 inches. The Monocacy Creek, for example, had an average of 200 anglers per mile at 8 a.m. on opening day of trout season in the two sections recently classified as Class A. Although it was a freakishly big brown trout for that creek, this creek has yielded other huge browns, among them a 12-pound, 12-ounce fish that was the largest reported in the state in 1981. Time frame: between 2006-2008. But when the mine closed, the pumpings ceased and Saucon went back to its limestone spring ways. Why: A spring keeps the stream free of ice, allowing access to a strong mix of both stocked rainbows and naturally spawning browns. The stocking and family fishing event will be re … Fishing is permitted on a 24-hour basis. Fishing is permitted on a 24-hour basis. In a few seasons these trout vanished. My favorite winter flies are simple ties. What: Saucon Creek winter fly fishing. At that time, the water ran like a thin pea soup, green as a dusty emerald. Aside from the rules and regulations, you should know that the Saucon is a thin, small-rocked stream, with an average width of some 40 feet, though it has some stretches in the 50-foot range. Moon Lake on Fort Riley. At that time, at least the person who showed it to me, kept it fairly secret. Within a 300-yard stretch at the first site, biologists found 516 trout. #4.25.0. Cooks Creek is known regionally for its “native” wild brown trout and stocked rainbow trout, where they can be found in Durham Township, Springfield Township and the initial feeder streams of Lower Saucon Township. But the lower stream has not been stocked since about 1993, and this area has been allowed to revert — actually improve — to a wild brown trout stream. Rainbow Trout with a Orange powerbait, 10 in. But the lower stream has not been stocked since about 1993, and this area has been allowed to revert — actually improve — to a wild brown trout stream. However, things were even better at the second site. Saucon Creek. Saucon Creek offers over two miles of Trophy Trout water that runs the gamut from a rural woodland setting to a channelized park. The name was originally SAKUNK, the Native American name meaning “where a stream empties into a larger stream.”. Sign in to your account to find other friends and anglers who are using Fishidy. Your email address will not be published. Saucon Park is the trophy trout project area. We are proud to maintain the 1st Co-operative Trout Nursery in Montgomery County, Pa. We host an annual Kids Bass Fishing Tournament & annual Trout Tournament for fisherman, families and children. Garnett Crystal Lake. Vic’s Lake and Slough Creek in Sedgwick County Park. No matter what the air temperature, the southeast corner of the state, which is rich with limestone streams, has flowing water without the crystalline stuff that ice anglers enjoy. Note: The interactive map is intended to reflect the locations of TWRA trout stockings. BETHLEHEM, Pa. — It’s possible to find open trout water, free from ice, in midwinter. Get your fishing license ONLINE! Monocacy Creek. Primarily, the creek is centered around Hellertown. The daily creel limit is two trout (combined species) except for the period from the day after Labor Day to 8 a.m. of the first Saturday after April 11 of the following year, … Once on the PA Fish Website, Click "Start Here" in the #1 Box, to Select the County, then Click "Go" in the #4 Box.