Set up auto-correction and add words to your spelling dictionary in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. Whatever it is, getting people to join your email list is a crucial step of the funnel. set up. put in place. 1. spend. Gather a list of power words. On a Surface running Windows 10: Adjust microphone settings. founding father noun. Setup definition, organization; arrangement. Select a control and then select Options to set up or make changes. [Late 1300s] push the envelope. go out in front. Synonyms and related words +-To spend or to pay money. Set common properties. to make it possible for someone to start a business, organization, or institution. Stimulate or exhilarate, as in That victory really set up our team. set up shop phrase. If you see "Dictation can't hear you" or if nothing appears on the screen as you dictate: Make sure your microphone is not muted. map out. explore. lay the foundations of. Set up auto-correction. disburse. Place in an upright position, as in I keep setting up this lamp but it won't stay up. colonise UK. Microsoft Word is a powerful word processor available as part of the Microsoft Office suite or as a standalone application. [c. 1600] 9. be the father of. The best call to action words are some of the shortest copy you’ll ever write. See more. Automatically check spelling, set up automatic text replacements, add words to the spelling dictionary, and more on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. be the mother of. to start a business. spin off ... set up phrasal verb. take the lead in. Lay plans for, as in I think they set up the kidnapping months ago. [c. 1200] 2. take the lead on. Treat someone to drinks, pay for drinks, as in Please let us set you up tonight. lay the groundwork for. While Microsoft Word typically isn't free, there are a few ways to use Word at no cost if you need to edit or view a file with a DOC or DOCX extension.. lead the way for. [First half of 1900s] 10 Bookmark Set a unique name or bookmark for each control. This is the British English definition of set up. a trust fund that set her up for life. Find more words! Here's a look at the top tools you can use to view, edit, and create Word documents for free. Also see How to set up and test microphones in Windows 10. Define setting up. Do you need them to perform a set of actions? show the way on. Antonyms for set up. Maybe you own an e-commerce store and are looking to increase sales from repeat customers. Elevate, raise; also, put in a position of authority or power, as in They set him up as their leader. Since the band's drummer did not show up for the concert, they got inventive--they asked members of the audience to come up and clap and play tambourines. A vocabulary list featuring Positive Adjectives to Describe People. Synonyms for set up in Free Thesaurus. Select Macro to Run on lets you choose a recorded or custom macro to run on Entry or Exit from the field. prepare the way for. show the way. setting up synonyms, setting up pronunciation, setting up translation, English dictionary definition of setting up. Word has always been the workhorse app of the Microsoft Office suite. [Colloquial; late 1800s] 8. set someone up for life to provide someone with enough money so that they do not have to work for the rest of their life. Dictation can't hear you. someone who starts a school, organization, business, or community. one of the people who first started an organization, community, set of ideas etc.