One of the most common questions I’m asked is how to get a job on ships. The only way to get a more detailed look at these jobs is to become a CruiseJobFinder member. Many cruise lines will contact specific entertainers they want, reaching out to them directly or through a service like GigSalad. Unparalleled service and great communication. Take into account your education and experience to apply for a position that matches your profile. This service is quite affordable. At least in the UK, many recent graduates seek the opportunity to work on a cruise ship. However, you have to assess the advantages and disadvantages carefully. Hence, there is no reason not to hire someone to write high-quality application documents for you. They generally require that you be at least 21 years old, and that you have at least two years' experience in the position you're applying for. Cruise-ship jobs are a great fit for students taking time off from school or for graduates seeking a break before they enter the “real” world. Thanks for your help. Applying: The first step to getting a cruise ship gig is to apply. If you're looking to work at sea and want the best assistance, guidance and placements, then look no further, Ray will look after you. The fact is it’s easier than you think to get a cruise job with no experience. If "Have talent, will travel" is your catchphrase, then you should consider getting a musician's job on a cruise ship. Princess Cruises job opportunities range across a variety of onboard departments. Appreciated the communication throughout the entire process. Im 18 and want to work on a cruise ship in the future. Most line cruises don’t have particular education demands. The two major cruise lines are Carnival and Royal Caribbean. With Carniv… Lots of scams. Keep up the great work! They really helping people who have dream to make it in reality, doing great service and communication. Many agencies around the world all follow a similar procedure and it’s not that difficult to actually work on a cruise ship. As well as uploading your resume to All Cruise Jobs, be proactive and search and apply for relevant jobs on the site. Cruise ship jobs enable you to travel the world and get paid for it. Hence, choose the cruise ship that can offer the job conditions that fit your expectations; Read the job announcements of the cruise line of your choice and determine the right one for you. Cruise Helper. If you receive no reply after a few weeks then contact them again sending a thank you and follow-up letter. I live in Ireland but dont know where to start looking or how to go about doing it. Working onboard a cruise ship is a guaranteed way to travel in style. I know from. You will travel a lot and save money for your future. Many young people decide to apply for this type of job with the expectation of traveling the world. You really helped me and my, I have personally worked with some of the members of this wonderful establishment. Hence, buying these documents from them is a safe purchase. 1 0. However, a job on a cruise ship is still a job. Downloads *Select7 Steps for Beginners7-Steps-for-beginners8 steps how to apply successfully, It was a fantastic experience applying Crew Life at Sea as Pianist. Now you know the best way to prepare your application documents. Thank you. For those in the personal care staff department, the cruise passengers’ well-being is the main priority. Have you ever entertained the thought of traveling the world while making money? Personal Care Staff Department. For example, you won’t be near your family and friends for a very long time while you are at sea. Do NOT pay any company to land you a cruise ship job, however. Everyone has transferable skills that are applicable to many cruise ship jobs. Think honestly whether working at sea is the career path that you really want. My life is so much better that i work at sea. Crew Life at sea you really helped me. Even if the cruise line isn’t hiring, they might offer you the opportunity of being notified when their recruitment drives … Only a few people ever get to experience the life behind the scenes on cruise ships. Others will do it through hiring partners or employment agencies. Follow the instructions they give online. 9 years ago. Don’t forget to connect with on your favorite social media website so that we can let you know about new and exciting cruise ships jobs as we add them to the site. are aiming to work on a cruise ship. Jobs for Musicians on Cruise Ships Play Your Gigs on a Cruise Ship! Many agencies around the world all follow a similar procedure and it’s not that difficult to actually work on a cruise ship. That's why I'm very excited to work with them because at the outset I felt that I am already part of their Fast Growing Family. They require about a four- to six-month commitment, so they’re not suitable for those who have responsibilities on land such as caring for a family member or pet. It sounds like the perfect deal, doesn’t it? Reach out to friends, family members, crew forums and do some You Tube searches on cruise ship jobs and employment. and easy to talk with. Bartenders and average cruise staff members may earn $2600 per month; activity coordinators may earn about $2800 per month; waitresses – $3000 per month; assistant head chefs – $4600 per month. At 18, you are unlikely to be able to get a job on a cruise ship. Some cruise lines will accept your CV in their offices. Made me feel at ease and really. Big thank to ray and crew life at sea team. Download an informative Ebook on the 7 steps towards getting employment on a cruise ship. They are approachable, kind. Salary of Cruise ship job is very competitive as well. This company has written hundreds of successful resumes and cover letters. They offer their services to different markets. By doing so you’ll be the first to find out when we add new jobs at sea to the website. Fraudulent Cruise Employment Opportunities. Passengers pay between 900 and 5000 U.S. dollars per week to live on the same cruise ship and visit the same places. Entrust with this important task. Their job’s nature is the same as those you see in cities except that they work on a ship. You will certainly enjoy it. With the help of professional writers, your chances to get the job of your liking are much higher. We have recently been made aware of fraudulent entities around the world claiming to represent Princess Cruises as recruitment partners. Interviews normally take place in Cape Town or Johannesburg. assisted my transition to ship life. Copyright 2015-2020, All rights reserved! As a result they don’t even apply. Thanks Carmelita for been such a great. Spend your winters in the Caribbean and your summers in Alaska or travel to remote and exotic ports in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America and all over the world aboard a luxury cruise ship. While passengers are there to enjoy themselves, you cannot expect to partake in the fun all the time. If you don’t have good writing skills, you better use the resume writing service from Ray along with the team at Crew Life At Sea is absolutely outstanding. Very professional and welcoming place, thank you Crew Life at Sea. Will living at sea fit me? 3. Who wouldn’t like to live such a dream? Most cruise companies have websites where you can search for and apply for jobs. Step 2. If you can not get a job directly with the cruise ship company, look for recruitment agencies that work with these companies. How To Apply For Cruise Ship Jobs We work with a world-wide network of recruiting agencies to select only the most qualified crew. Others do it intending to save money quickly to buy a car or any other expensive thing. 1 decade ago. Plus Bonus Material of over 50 Cruise Ship agency's contact details and emails. There are expensive and relatively cheap cruise lines. Can you help me get a job on board cruise ships? Different cruise lines have different application processes. You probably are one of them. I'm 20 years old and i still have no idea what i want to do with my life and a friend of mine suggested i get a cruise ship job for a while. Anja H. Lv 6. Getting hired is often a matter of persistency. But even with these little “inconveniences,” working on a cruise ship is an experience of a lifetime. professionalism and dedication that they’d be about to assist you in your career at sea. You can apply through a concessionaire - a company contracted to operate spa, retail, photography or entertainment on the ship. I've had the pleasure of working on board with the person behind Crew Life at Sea, apart from being. I've looked into it and so far nothing has put me off not applying for a job, even if the hours are pretty bad. They went above and beyond. Get ready for the most exciting adventure of your life. Just imagine working on such a top place. Moreover, the cost is rather low if you consider the quality that you get. Contact the cruise line of your choice directly: If you’re really keen there’s always the option of emailing a speculative CV to the hiring managers of cruise lines; this can be especially effective if looking to work on small cruise ships as many of them may take a more ‘rustic’ approach to recruitment. You can follow us on either Facebook, Twitter or Google+ (or all three!). First learn who might need what. An exception is during the winter holidays when ships are often short-staffed. You can apply online via a dedicated job board such as All Cruise Jobs. You need a miracle, right? Working on a cruise ship requires a lot more pre-employment paperwork that you need to complete when compared to a regular job on land. Getting a job on a cruise liner can be very easy if you know what to do and how to follow through. You can apply directly to the cruise ship lines or work with an agency to guarantee a place on a ship. Taking the Leap. I truly believe that you will find expert help and guidance with the wonderful team at Crew Life at Sea. If so, this article will give you all the necessary information to start a career as a crew member. Most cruise lines require employees to be 21 years old. But they are very interested in knowing your motives to apply for a job as a crew member. The requirements to work on a cruise ship can differ from requirements to work on a land job. From your info here, I cannot see that you have any education, special skills, caliber of experience required to qualify for any sort of cruise ship job. Help would be appreaciated! Navigate to a cruise job recruitment website such as Cruise Job Finder, Cruise Ship Job or Cruise Lines Job (see Resources). ship. I love to hear that question because in all honestly, had I never worked on board cruise ships, there is no way I would still be traveling today. This is the most reliable of all professional resume writing services. And it can be quite hard. A good place to start is to visit the websites of cruise lines directly, as they regularly update the positions available, and make a list of all the positions on offer you think would be suitable. The first step to gaining a position onboard a cruise ship is to start talking to people who are already doing it or have done it. Browse the links to current job openings on a variety of cruise liners. Getting a job on a cruise liner can be very easy if you know what to do and how to follow through. However, you can also take the initiative and chase down the gig yourself. If so, this article will give you all the necessary information to start a career as a crew member. Pay special attention to your cover letter and resume. 1. They really helping people who have dream to make it in reality, keep it up CREW LIFE AT SEA you are changing the life's of those people's in a bette way. You need to "work on water." Well, you can make it true if you land a job on a cruise ship. Some cruise lines will accept your CV in their offices. 2. help...I will see you after my contract again. Order your custom documents from This is a such good site specially for those people who. Working at sea was one of my best life experiences, the travel, the memories and the lifetime. Complete the online application process. There are two ways to get a job on a ship: You can apply directly to a cruise line for a job on one of their ships. Working on a Cruise Ship and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,, This is a very nice program specially for those people who are aiming to work on a cruise. Hire a professional writer from Was such a good time been recruited by you guys, so easy. Hence, you shouldn’t write your cover letter and resume on your own. Before Applying for Cruise Ship Employment. Crew Life at sea is a 5 star for me... Great Service... Keep up the good work Ray. Once your resume is ready there are several ways to look for a job on a ship: 1. There's lots of info on the i'net on cruise ship jobs - google search. From large luxury ships to intimate harbor and river cruises, all kinds of cruise ships hire musicians and other entertainers on an ongoing basis. Different cruise lines have different application processes. There are 4 main departments to choose a job on a cruise. professional establishment. This is legal. experience, working on ships myself, that the initial process can be quite daunting. friends. This is an unconventional career, but many people are interested in pursuing a professional life at sea. The first thing to do is to visit the website of the cruise line that you would like to join. If you love cruising, you might have wondered how to get a cruise ship job. Thank you Crew Life at Sea. Want to know all about what to expect when joining this thing called ship life? Ask yourself, what is my main motive to apply for such a job? You can apply directly to a cruise line on their website or to their official hiring partners throughout the world. Sign up f… Research the different cruise lines to decide which one is a better match for you. The first thing to do is to visit the website of the cruise line that you would like to join. I've been working as a labourer for the past couple of years so i don't have any experience of working on a ship or as a waiter etc etc. Commonly Available Positions on Cruise Ships: Deck Crew; Cruise Directors; Disc Jockeys; Expedition Leaders; Hosts and Hostesses; Naturalists; Shore Excursion Managers; Water Sports Instructors; Youth Counselors; Cosmetologist; Fitness Directors; Medical Staff Apply through a concessioner, a company contracted to operate a … I have three months during the summer of free time and would like to do work experience or get a job on a cruise ship. Having personally worked with the personnel behind Crew Life at Sea , I can ascertain to their. Many crew members used resume writing services to ensure the success of their applications. Had the privilege to work with Ray, great person and amazing workmanship. This is a HUGE question, as there are so many roles that make up the team on every ship. Select a job opening after reading all of the job descriptions that interests you. It’s a good idea to have your references checked, to be sure a former employer isn’t killing your chances for your dream job on a ship.Allison & Taylor has been in the reference checking business since 1984 and can be trusted to promptly deliver reports on what your references are saying, when called. There is nothing wrong with such services. Step 3. Always nice to see smiling faces, As the first to Comment & Review Crew Life at Sea , what else could i say about this amazing and. Interested in working on board a cruise ship? These guys are the best in the business. This company has certified writers to help you. very professional he is a genuine nice guy who cares, 10/10 would recommend. For example, a cruise ship personal trainer or fitness instructor may earn more than $2000 per month. Thank you again for your professionalism, advice and seamless employment process and preparation for life at sea. expectations in finding me suitable placement for my dream job onboard a wonderful cruise ship. However, before you apply for a job on a cruise ship, it’d be useful to consider the following: If after these considerations you still want to apply for a position as a crew member, go ahead. 0 0. Many applicants get discouraged when looking for a cruise job because they feel that they don’t meet all the requirements of the cruise line’s job description. Visit the web pages of cruise ship companies, apply for the job. In all cases, you have to prepare your application documents in advance.