She didn’t help Sun-kyum when he was at the police station since his dad would take care of the mess, but when the assemblyman’s meddling involves her business, she reacts. I enjoyed the pilot episode so much. He says whatever is on his mind, and though his words can come across as mean-spirited, they don’t feel unkind because of the way Sun-kyum presents himself. Dan-ah agrees and tells Mi-joo not to worry about the job since they have interpreters at their company. Run On (2020) Episode 1 Dramacool is released in high quality Stream, Watch Korean drama Run On (2020) Episode 1 English Subbed + Dubbed All episodes Download Free With single Video link Run On (2020) Episode 1 at When he comments on how fake her gun looks, Mi-joo gets defensive and asks if he’s John Wick or something. As the renowned “Queen of Cannes,” Ji-woo attends a radio interview, and the host asks about her partner this morning. He complains about one of her translations in his movie, and Mi-joo scoffs, defending her creative choices. Hope the weird vibes are carried on and explained with interesting backstories and boring tropes (eg hell-sh professor) kept to minimal. I hope it goes on this way! I hope it keeps it's quirkiness all the way through. Jadi untuk situs legal lainnya seperti VIU, iQIYI, dan lainnya sangat kecil kemungkinannya untuk menayangkan KDrama ini. … But ep 1 didn’t do a good job of showing WHY these people are the way they are or what motivates them to act so it was very hard to get. He presumes that the abuse has been ongoing since the three of them went to the same school, but Woo-shik denies it. She wonders if he’s trying to help her, and he tells her that the three minutes aren’t over yet. As the others erupt into snickers, the professor threatens Mi-joo, but she’s had enough and storms out. She saves herself as “When hungry, tang” (which can mean “bang” like a gun or soup). Please enter your username or email address. Seeing through his tricks, Mi-joo forces him to switch at the same time and successfully buys the gun. And looks like I'm in trouble. Download Streaming Drama Korea Run On Episode 1 Sub Indo. Run On (2020) Episode 1 is now available with English Subtitles. I even had Into the ring vibes regarding how weird and cute our leads look together, I mean, they look at each other saying: isn't this guy weird? Grinning the whole way through and eager for the next episode. Required fields are marked *. Secretary Jung informs her that he’s in police custody, but there’s another, more immediate issue on their hands… her brother, Seo Tae-woong, is here. Dan-ah comments on how Mi-joo looks like she might even kneel, and then points to the grass. In case you are using Windows Media Player, Copy Run On Season 1 Episode 1 SRT File and place it in the same folder as the movie, This means you can create a Folder with the name Run On Season 1 Episode 1 Then the Movie 3GP or MP4 & The SRT Subtitle File must be placed inside the folder, This means the folder should contain Run On Season 1 Episode 1 .mp4 & Run On Season 1 Episode 1 … Overall, the first episode of Run On was an interesting introduction to this world and its characters. Consequently, conversations jump around and don’t fit a linear structure. Screenplay by Park Si-hyun-I (박시현) •Drama jTBC | Airing dates : 2020/12/16~Now airing. Fingers crossed. I'm glad i'm not the only one to think thoughts like: Do people even talk like this? That title belongs to Dan-ah and her brother who were bizarre from start to finish. As Mi-joo turns around, the world slows down, and she locks eyes with Sun-kyum who walks towards their table. Also, it cracked me up so bad when the honey water thermos appeared from the tube! Click Here to Watch Run On Episode 1 Eng SUB Telecasted Today.Dramacool always the 1st choice of Thy peoples to have the episode Run On Episode 1 free HD English sub in 360p, 720p HD at, Run On Live English sub in high quality. Yes, we've seen them before in other dramas, but they are slight differences that I'm liking so far. While Sun-kyum’s teammates wait for him at a café, the youngest member, KIM WOO-SHIK (Lee Jung-ha), asks for permission to buy tickets for a movie. I got used to the "Jumping around conversations" and weird dialogue there, which perhaps prepared me for the weirdness in this drama. The quirky banter is quite similar to how it was in Be Melodramatic. This recap of k-drama Netflix series Run On episode 11 contains significant spoilers. Despite his aversion to being caught up in this mess, he ends up at the station with Mi-joo and writes up a report. I came here for Siwan, but I feel like the oddness of his character makes it difficult for me to grasp his role as the lead -- for now. She wonders why his fans like him and then asks why he likes her. When he grabs her gun, she explains that it’s just a lighter, and he replies, “I didn’t ask.”. Can't wait for Sooyoung and Taeoh to meet. After he leaves, Mi-joo wonders out loud why her half-brother acts so dramatic, calling him either good-natured or plain crazy. Ki Seon-gyeom notices bruises on Kim Woo-sik’s body. This is KI SUN-KYUM (Im Shi-wan): a handsome young man whose accomplishments as a track and field national representative are overshadowed by his more famous family members. Remember Me Register a new account Lost your password? Our main male lead is was annoying at first episode but OK get warmer at second episode Mi joo's life seems veery real life like . In that moment, the world slows down, and Sun-kyum watches Mi-joo run past him. Loved the premier. It talked about Tae-woong and Dan-ah's at the office, but then the name suddenly changed to Mi-joo who is our FL. js = d.createElement(s); = id; I don't think there's any exact moment for it but after you watch Episode 2 everything just clicks about the character. }; I usually prefer to read it before deciding if I want to watch it. I had a permanent smile on my face while watching, and loved how weird are our leads. Love that blue jumper dress on SSK. (The wife hates him, too, doesn’t she?) All of the characters are weurd indeed. There's something so clean and fresh about the optics of this drama - I'm intrigued and hoping for a fun run. She describes Sun-kyum as the man she loves the most, though it’s probably because he resembles her. Yes, if anything, I may stick for the pretty. I have been anticipating seeing Siwan again in RUN ON and I wasn’t disappointed with the premier episodes. After their training, Young-il and Sun-kyum bicker in the locker room, making sarcastic remarks about each other. That scene of him walking over in his white button down shirt. Would love be the interpreter?”. In this first episode, I was caught off with Im Siwan's character because I couldn't get it whether it was his acting or I just need more time understanding the character and after delving into episode 2 it is definitely the latter. Romance begins for Im Shi-wan and Shin Se-kyung in JTBC’s Run On, Im Shi-wan, Shin Se-kyung toast to romance in new teaser for Run On, A new teaser for Shin Se-kyung and Im Shi-wan’s romance drama Run On, First look at Im Shi-wan, Shin Se-kyung in JTBC’s Run On, Shin Se-kyung, Im Shi-wan to star in new JTBC drama. Their university professor is here as well, and maintaining social niceties, Mi-joo thanks him for recommending her to translate the movie. Run On (Korean Drama); 런온; Keep On;Leonon;Reonon;Running Towards Love; Ki Sun Gyeom is a sports agent who was once a popular sprinter on the national team but He knows the coaches are careful with the athletes and Young-il only cares about himself. He flails around, causing his toupee to soar through the air and land in Mi-joo’s hands. She says that she isn’t a pervert, and he says that he didn’t call her one. Smart choice on the tls part I think. It was fun and light but also interesting! This might give us the fleshed out story I wanted back from that awful drama. Witnessing Suk-won’s blatant disregard for Mi-joo’s personhood, Sun-kyum points the gun at Suk-won and asks Mi-joo if the gun is real. Dramacool always the 1st choice of Thy peoples to have the episode Run On Episode 1 free HD English sub in 360p, 720p HD at, Run On Live English sub in high quality. Woo-shik asks if that includes Sun-kyum, and he says that it does. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access The sun has set by the time Mi-joo and Sun-kyum exit the police station, and she apologizes for making him miss his meeting. First episode was fun! // Load the SDK asynchronously I was quite confused after reading it. He can be a good guy since he actively seeks affection & does little things to show his care. Or is that part of the setup? Drama: Run On. The team moves on to weight training next, and Woo-shik arrives to the gym with a bandage on his face. They’ve met before, and Eun-bi allows her to take her bags. She pleads with him to let her act as Suk-won’s interpreter, and the professor agrees… if she can time travel. K-Drama: Run On (런온)Genre: Romance, DramaRelease Date: December 16, 2020~Runtime: Wed & Thur, 21:30No. }); ⚜ Live Streaming!! I didn't notice the whole jumping around in the conversations and mashed-up scenes, but methinks I might be because I'm currently watching Be Melodramatic, 'cause it's the same style. Visually and on paper, the show comes across as a typical love story of two different and beautiful individuals crossing paths and falling in love. Ki Sun-Gyeom was once a popular sprinter for the national team. I love the conversations, and the quirky humour too. Thank you for this wonderful recap of ep 1 - I wonder if that's why Netflix tl went with "when hungry, bang" instead of tang since a casual watcher would get bang reference more with the whole gun scenes. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Mi-joo thanks him for the help, but Sun-kyum asks her to forget what she saw. Run On (2020) Episode 14 Online Eng Sub HD, Run On (2020) Episode 13 Online Eng Sub HD, Run On (2020) Episode 12 Online Eng Sub HD, Gerak Khas The Finale Episod 12 Online Drama Video, Mencari Kiblat Cinta Episod 12 Online Drama Video, Rahimah Tanpa Rahim Episod 4 Online Drama Video, Angkara Cinta Episod 62 Online Drama Video, Melastik Ke Hatimu Episod 3 Online Drama Video, The Rebel Princess (2021) Episode 18 Online Eng Sub HD, A Good Supper (2021) Episode 12 Eng Sub HD, Lovestruck in the City (2020) Episode 12 Online Eng Sub HD, No Matter What (2020) Episode 77 Online Eng Sub HD, Man in a Veil (2020) Episode 94 Online Eng Sub HD, Rahimah Tanpa Rahim Episod 3 Online Drama Video, Warung Sepahtu (2021) Episod 3 Online Drama Video, Melastik Ke Hatimu Episod 2 Online Drama Video, Takdir Yang Tertulis Episod 2 Online Drama Video, Tercipta Satu Ikatan Episod 17 Online Drama Video, Angkara Cinta Episod 61 Online Drama Video, Cheat on Me, If You Can (2020) Episode 15 Online Eng Sub HD, A Love So Beautiful (2020) Episode 13 Online Eng Sub HD. He becomes curious about her hobby, finding it strange that she values a fake. This show is working for me right now, and I'm looking forward to this week's episodes. FB.init({ Today, he escorts his mom, Actor YOOK JI-WOO (Cha Hwa-yeon), to a festival, and as soon as he completes his duties, he leaves to meet his teammates. She doesn’t even flinch at his violence, and Tae-woong cries that he came to drop off some treats since they taste better fresh. She wonders if she should have brought something to the professor when she apologized, and Mae-yi scolds her for going empty-handed. She demands an apology and derides him for his Joseon-era comment. As for Mi-joo, she tells Mae-yi at home that she believes in destiny, especially when the guy is handsome. She begs him to let her take over for the rest of the interviews at least, and he asks if she really wants the job that much. Im Shi-Wan looks so good in the final shot. Watch Run On (2020) Episode 1 English Subbed online high-quality video links. I knew Im Shi Wan was good-looking, but I never found him attractive before until now. She still eats one of the hard candies he brought for her, and asks Secretary Jung to reschedule her meeting with Sun-kyum. Maybe it's the way they potray him being cynical and skeptic better so you understand why he's sort of detached from his surroundings. As for Sun-kyum, he might be quiet, but he isn’t a pushover. Recent Episodes; Recent Movies; True Beauty (2020) 8 hours ago; Ep 11. As a newcomer, Woo-shik turns to Sun-kyum for advice about his personality changes, but Sun-kyum tells him to blame others instead of himself. Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me Vostfr. The second episode is even better than the first. He shoves his phone in his face, wordlessly demanding an explanation, but Young-il just sighs and feeds him more food. Yeah lol the first episode really gets you lost with his character, but the second episode definitely gets everything in the right place. RUN ON EP 4 (Part 2) Eng Sub KDRAMA 2020. The professor scolds Mae-yi for never visiting him after she started her own company, and she tells him that she felt no need to see him since she never learned anything from him. The next day at training, the coach praises Sun-kyum for lowering his time, and he scolds Gyu-duk and his friend for getting worse. As Dan-ah mentioned, her brother is either a really innocent kid who hasn’t mastered controlling his emotions or a psychopath who constantly needs affection. Also, Im Shi Wan and Shin Se Kyung look adorable together even when their characters are having awkward conversations. Watch drama, movies and tv shows online in high quality. Since the problem has been resolved, Sun-kyum takes his leave, but the police arrive just then with their guns blazing—quite literally since they think Mi-joo’s model gun is real. Team ace KWON YOUNG-IL (Park Sung-joon) comments on Sun-kyum’s photos from the festival with Ji-woo. Danah might find him an ally, a friend if she just gave him a chance. Of course, the one brown-nosing is the professor who promises to write a glowing review. Mi-joo runs to the seller, and after checking to see if the gun is safe, she calls the police. Suk-won runs towards them, and Mi-joo hides behind Sun-kyum, asking for just three minutes. Sinopsis Episode 16: Recap; Drama Korea Run On akan tayang di Platform online Netflix. The banter between the characters is at times predictable yet unconventional. I also like how Mi-joo knows she's pretty and they didn't turn her character into a "she doesn't know how beautiful she truly is"-type. Bang like make a noise. The directness of the leads and some of the other characters is refreshing. Dan-ah and Secretary Jung find Mi-joo loitering outside their building, and when Mi-joo introduces herself as the interpreter, Dan-ah gives her a quick scan. K-dramas have contributed to the general phenomenon of the Korean wave, known as Hallyu. Realizing that she just got fired, Mi-joo begs her to reconsider, and Dan-ah gasps at her sudden change in attitude. Mi-joo mentions the red ginseng she brought, and the gift earns her a ticket inside. After watching episode two, I kept on thinking if we've seen these type of leads before. Shin Se-kyung fits this role expertly, she can be a bit of a hit or miss for me but this is definitely a hit. I very rarely live watch. I could'nt wait for the next episode though I hardly understood the 1st episode. After he leaves, Dan-ah wonders out loud why her half-brother acts so dramatic, calling him either good-natured or plain crazy. The humor in the show works for me. The three of them watch the movie Woo-shik wanted to see, and just two seats down the row is Mi-joo’s empty chair. Playing next. And Dan ah's style is impeccable. Sun-kyum looks up the word Young-il used earlier and frowns at the results. This sense of idiosyncrasy can really be felt when the two leads meet. I have not had a glimpse of other shows mentioned here, like Be Melodramatic, etc. Ah you added stars to my eyes! However, these characters are much more than their labels, and as their paths cross, it feels inevitable for them to fall for each other. You're totally right @lovepark! ⚜Run On Season 1 Episode 11 (Eng subtitle) Full Episode ULTRA ᴴᴰ1080p. So call when you're hungry, ring me when you're hungry. The professor flings a glass of water into her face and then lambastes all female translators for relying on their looks. In the distance, fireworks go off, and the sudden pop sends Suk-won sprawling. Many of these dramas have become popular throughout Asia, with growing interest in other parts of the world. When he asks if they should intervene in Sun-kyum’s case, Mi-joo tells him not to bother since the assemblyman will take care of things. He says that it’s because they’re family, and asks why she hates him. Though he notices the odd dynamic between fellow athlete Gyu-duk and Woo-shik, Sun-kyum stays silent. Meanwhile, Oh Mi-joo takes a new venture — to be a private tutor for one of her friend’s child. He then begins to work as a sports agent. Hearing a crash behind her, Mi-joo makes a run for it, and she bumps into Sun-kyum who’s standing in the street. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. or The first week's episodes remind me a lot of Be Melodramatic with the quirky-to-the-extreme characters and the indie, slice-of-life feels. Run On Episode 1; Keep On Episode 1; Leonon Episode 1; Reonon Episode 1; Running Towards Love; Ki Sun Gyeom is a sports agent who was once a popular sprinter on the national team but was forced to quit due to legal issues. The professor is an ass, but that situation and music/BGM was hilarious. P.S. I really enjoy the premier episode. 264.715 Views. It's interesting... now I hope the show will go this way... but these generic boxes don’t capture the essence of these characters. This is a great moment; a new chapter for both characters. And Im shi wan is defintely a treat to eyes. Thank you for the recap, I really enjoyed this premiere week and I definitely warmed to SG by the second episode. He’s not for sale.”. Meanwhile, Mi-joo sits at the opposite end from Suk-won, but her attempts to remain inconspicuous fail since he calls her over to his side. Agree definitely not what I expected from the posters and trailer. Using the distraction, Mi-joo makes her escape and leaves her gun behind with Sun-kyum. He requests for a poor individual since they usually don’t cause problems, and the professor says that he has someone in mind. Seriously thought she was going to make Mi-joo kneel before she laughed it off. I know right?? I think she might give Veronica Park a run for her money (at least I hope so). Another player posts in the chat about a limited-edition model gun he’s selling, and Mi-joo jumps at the chance to buy it. But I felt very bad for her brother. Guess her bark is worse than her bite for those who really know her, like her half-brother and Sun-kyum. I can now see what the show is trying to do with the weird dialogues. He asks if her gun might actually be real since there are perverts in the world who like breaking the law. What makes her comment worse is that she’s sincere, and the professor shouts that he’ll never forgive her. Once the end credits roll, Mae-yi takes a picture of the screen with Mi-joo’s name listed as the translator. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; To everyone’s shock, Mi-joo grabs a bottle, but instead of attacking the professor, she pours even more water over her head. Sun-kyum lifts up Woo-shik’s shirt, revealing bruises on his body. She eavesdrops on their conversation through her phone and hears Eun-bi turn down their offer since she already has an affiliated club. The professor’s wife answers the door and says that her husband told her to tell them that he isn’t here. He gets offended and orders Mi-joo to pour him a drink. He calls him a slang term for attention seeker, but his criticism falls flat since Sun-kyum doesn’t understand him. She introduces herself officially as the gofer as well as his new interpreter and puts out her hand for a handshake. We’re officially introduced to our third lead, SEO DAN-AH (Sooyoung), the CEO of the agent with Eun-bi. First Love It’s You (2021) Episode 12 English Sub. At first, she dislikes her because she was the assemblyman’s hire, but when she realizes that Mi-joo does not pose a threat, she readily hands over the job when she begs for it. 16 episodes - Wed, Thu 21:30 Synopsis "Run On" is about the process of a national sprint athlete becoming a sports agent on JTBC. I went back and rewatched episode one to make sure I got the characters right and I did catch Sun-kyum’s first smile when he saw his sister’s name on his phone. As his beautiful face stares back at her, she mutters, “Dang it. Each episode will have an approximate run time of 70 minutes.